Contentment was a good choice as my word for 2012. Even though I have accomplished very little of what I had planned for January, the month seems to be ending up well, with most of the issues that caused stress throughout the month finding their way to a good resolution. And by remembering my word, contentment, I was able to keep moving forward, look for the bright spots, and not dwell on what isn’t or can’t be. That is major progress compared to the last two months of 2011.

Last weekend Bill and I had a little getaway and attended the Tucson Area Square Dance Festival. We had great fun dancing to some excellent callers. Anytime we can dance to Nasser Shukayr, we will be there!

My first Amore Arizona post earlier this month highlighted Arizona’s sunsets, and we have certainly had some beautiful ones this month. Here are two pictures taken outside our house on different evenings this past week, the first from the backyard and the second from the front yard.

Putting contentment into practice, I have purchased several plants this month, including 5 African violets! As soon as I get them all in their new pots, I will be posting pictures. There is just something about African violets that makes a house feel like a home to me.

And here is another self-care step towards contentment:

Pink and red tulips

The pink tulips were barely open when I put them in water yesterday, and they are all drooping more than I like, but they are still lovely.