Here it is the 18th of January and I have only posted four times this month, and all of those were in the first week. Can you hear the big sigh of dismay? So far I have accomplished very little that I had planned for January. My time, energy and focus have all been centered on replacing a vehicle that was lost in a traffic accident on January 3rd, a situation complicated by the distance of 1800 miles. But finally, this morning, it sounds like we may have resolved all the issues and now we just need another several days to let progress continue.

I signed up for the January Doodle that the Kelly and Tracy at The Dao of Doing are coordinating this month and, as with everything else this month, my commitment and progress has been sporadic at best. You would think 15 minutes of exercise each day would be easy to accomplish, but so far I have only managed about half the days of January. I did get signed up for a yoga class and actually made one (yes, one!) class last week. Tomorrow I will make it to my second class, as I don’t see why I should have to put it off while waiting for insurance adjustors or bankers or anyone else to call me!

One of the highlights of the month was been visiting son David last Saturday in Phoenix. It was a spur of the moment trip to visit a car dealership (that was not so pleasant!) and we took advantage of being in town to take David and his roommates out to supper. We let David choose where to go and we ended up at a Japanese restaurant that specializes in sushi. I think next time I’ll choose where we go – I learned I am definitely not a sushi-lover!

I took this picture of the Huachuca Mountains last week, on one of our many cloudy days this month (we even had rain!).