Scarves and More!

In my last post (was it really 11 days ago?) I showed the yarn I had purchased for Christmas projects. I have finished the two scarves made with that yarn.

I have also made two Snowflake Scarves from the Learn to Do Bavarian Crochet pattern book that I mentioned in my previous post.

They were fun and quick to make. Next up are matching winter hats.

In addition to crocheting, I’ve been cleaning windows and curtains and window blinds. They never got cleaned after our wildfire excitement last summer and you would be amazed at how dirty they were on the inside! Of course, with our evaporative cooling system blowing outside air inside for six months of the year, I guess it is not so amazing that the windows would be that dirty on the inside. I have the windows done in all the main living area, with just the four bedrooms left to do. Those are very large windows with very wide window blinds that I have to hang outside to wash. I will probably finish them up next week, since this week is rather full of Thanksgiving Dinner and company preparations. I haven’t prepared a full-blown Thanksgiving Dinner in several years and am finding the task rather daunting, which is a strange feeling. But then, lately, many things feel daunting. I think the stress and emotional upheavals of this past year are catching up with me, hence the frenetic cleaning and crocheting.

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  1. Missus Wookie

    I hear you on the stress fatigue. The scarves are pretty glad you had time to sit and knit.

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