I can tell it is now November. We had our heating system turned on last Friday and none too soon, as Saturday morning was about 35, raining, and very windy. You could see a very light dusting of snow the topmost peak of the Huachuca Mountains.

Today there are some patches of blue here and there, as you can see in this picture:

But more of the sky looks like this:

It is only 47 degrees, with a 70% chance of precipitation. And wind. Always the wind here.

Last week was a busy and stressful one. The tenants in our mobile home back in Alabama finally vacated so that Kat could begin moving in. And there have been myriad things to change over (utilities, etc.) and repair, let alone cleaning up the trailer from the mess the tenant left! Today she gets phone hooked up, so she will at least have dial-up internet, and the furnace repair guy comes to discover why the furnace is beeping when it is turned on. They are making do with a couple of small room heaters, so hopefully the furnace repair will be done quickly and easily.

More stressful has been trying to long distance diagnose the radiator issues with the van and finding someone local to help Freddy with it. I just received a call saying the new radiator was back in and holding fluids, so that is a very good thing! May this week go more smoothly than last week!