Avocados and Green Smoothies

My new eating plan is introducing me to many new foods and recipes. Just yesterday I used my very first avocado! Successfully, no less! I bought it, let it ripen, and used half in a smoothie yesterday. The half is saved in the refrigerator, waiting to be used today. I was so proud of myself! It’s the little thing, you know?

I added the avocado to a Vegan Chocolate Spinach Shake, which was delicious. The chocolate mostly hides the green color and with the banana and dates, it is sweet enough for my sweet tooth. I find that if I can have a fruit smoothie during the day, it curbs my desire for sweets, particularly chocolate. Eventually I will add more of the greens and less of the sweet fruit, I suspect, but for now it is a great way to ease into the “green smoothie” mindset.

Now if I could just kick the mocha habit, again! I was doing very well before we went to the Grand Canyon, but there were too many Starbucks while traveling. I have done better this week than last and I’m hoping this Chocolate Spinach Shake will kick the mocha craving to the curb. Or at least let me ignore it long enough that it goes away. I know it will, since it did back in August. I can do it again. And maybe that will be all I need to jumpstart the weight loss again. Two weeks ago I was down 14 pounds for three days, and then back up about two pounds, where I’ve sat since. I am just beginning my twelfth week of this new eating plan and the goal was 15 pounds to lose in that 12 weeks time. NO MORE MOCHAS!

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  1. Missus Wookie

    See I found the chocolate spinach shakes too much – just fruit and veggies were fine. Sweet enough but adding the chocolate nope, just weird…

    Hope you lose that last couple of pounds.

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