Along the Desert View Drive on the Grand Canyon South Rim is the Tusayan Museum and Ruin. The Tusayan Ruins were the home of ancestral Puebloans that inhabited the area around 1185 AD. The ruins were partially excavated in the 1930s and no attempt has been made at reconstruction. The museum was built to help interpret the ruins and includes artifacts from the many different cultures that inhabited the area over time.

Storage Rooms built for food storage

The Kiva

Living space

Here is a picture of Humphreys Peak in the San Francisco Peaks, and that is snow on the top of the mountain! When we were in Flagstaff later that night, which is on the south side of the base of Humphreys Peak, you definitely noticed the cooler air coming down off that snow.

The National Parks Service provides a brochure with more information on the ruins and those who lived in the park area.