My Pass to Beauty, Wonder, and Exploration

With this little card, I now have access to the National Park System for a whole year! I bought it Saturday morning and have used it three times already! We took an extra long Columbus Day weekend and travelled north, stopping in Phoenix for a brief visit with David on Friday and then touring Grand Canyon National Park (the South Rim), Wupatki National Monument, and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument over the weekend. Over the next few days I’ll be telling about our visits and posting pictures. Since we just got back last night, there’s unpacking and laundry to do, groceries to get, bills to pay, and maybe a nap? Nah, probably no nap, but I definitely could use one!


  1. Roberta

    Wow, that is a beautiful card.

    • Karen

      I didn’t get a choice when I got the card, but I suspect they put beautiful pictures on all of them.

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