We recently visited the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson. It was a cloudy, cool, almost rainy day, but considering it could have been 100 plus degrees, we were grateful for the weather that day.

I took way too many pictures of airplanes (wasn’t that why we were there?) but I also took this nice one of Bill.

Remember yesterday’s post where I speculated on where Charles might have gotten his dislike of having his picture taken? This might be half of where he gets it from!

I loved the picture in the background. Here’s a pic of it up close:

Actually, I found the artwork on the planes to be more interesting than the planes themselves.

On the back of an Osprey II

On the nose of a Douglas B-18B Bolo

On the side of a Lockheed S-3B Viking

These were just a few that interested me. I will post more tomorrow, and maybe even include a whole plane or two!