A New Blimp

The Air Force has been testing out a new blimp and even flew it last Wednesday on a test flight. Not that it actually flies, but it sits on the end of a tether. But I guess that tethered flight was a success and we will soon be seeing it back in the air when weather permits.

This is the view from the end of our main street coming out of our subdivision last Sunday evening. You may remember that high winds broke the tether of the previous aerostat and brought it down into populated areas of Sierra Vista.

I took this picture Sunday evening looking to the west past the subdivision that lies closest to Fort Huachuca (you can see the lights from some of the windows in the foreground). The mountains in the background are the Huachucas.

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  1. Carol

    So glad to see you back. I was pretty sure this would be a small step that you could manage. 🙂

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