Spring Means Wildfire Season – 365 – 144

I took this picture Sunday coming north on Route 83 towards Sonoita. They had a small wildfire there about a month ago.

The sign obviously was burnt off at the ground, as we could see metal pipes where they had put it back into the ground after the fire.

Yesterday afternoon we were suddenly wading through a very heavy smoky haze here in Sierra Vista. Just on the other side of the Huachuca Mountains a wildfire started mid-morning around Parker Canyon Lake. The fire began with 400 acres engulfed and quickly expanded to 4000 acres. So far today the haze is not too bad, but it smells smoky enough that I don’t want to put any laundry out on the clothes line. With the west wind practically a constant, I anticipate smoke for the next few days. Hopefully they’ll get this fire put out before it gets totally out of hand.

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  1. Missus Wookie

    Hope life springs back soon – not surprised you don’t want to put laundry out! Whilst I like the smell of a fire, not on my laundry.

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