More Wildfires – 365 – 128

Yesterday (Sunday) was another smoke-filled hazy day, but the smoke was in a much different area of the sky than in previous days. These pictures were taken from the Wal-mart parking lot, which is on the northeast side of town.

Whetstone Mountains

This first picture was taken entirely looking to the north. You can still see the Whetstone Mountains fairly clearly, although there is some smoky haze.

smokey haze

Panning slightly to the northeast you see more mountains, but a lot more haze.

smokey haze

And then, looking towards the east, the mountains completely disappear.

I learned on the news this morning that a new wildfire flared up in eastern Arizona, in the Chiricahua Mountains. You can see Current Large Incidents of Wildfires at the USDA Forest Service Fire Mapping Site. This particular wildfire shows up as a red circle and is called the Horseshoe 2 fire (I suspect 2 because there was a wildfire in early 2010 in the same area with the same name).

The wind today is from the west and our skies are pretty clear, so hopefully the fires to the southwest and west of us have been contained or put out.


  1. Carol

    At least the winds have shifted for us and we aren’t smelling our fires anymore. Instead, it’s sunny and in the 90s. Ouch.

  2. Tracy

    Oh man! I hope they get those taken care of.

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