Afghan Progress

I finished crocheting the squares together yesterday during the Talladega race (Gordon came in third!) and decided to take a picture before I began the edging around the outside.

Granny Squares Afghan

I don’t usually like crocheting afghans that you have to piece together, but I am still in love with the pattern and these particular colors. The squares are large enough that they join together very quickly and easily.

Hopefully I will finish the edging this week and can ship the finished afghan off to its recipient. I had briefly considered keeping this one for myself, but I learned that my niece, who graduates from college this month, will be going on to grad school in Binghamton, New York. I think she is going to need an extra layer on her bed come winter time!

Tax Deadline and Accounting Update

Today is the final day to file taxes in the U.S. We filed ours electronically on Saturday and also sent our payment electronically. So easy. I still have to get our Quicken records checked over for the first three months of 2011. Most everything has been entered, but I need to double check some categories and also set up the Rental Account, as we have been landlords since January. I really want to make sure it is all set up correctly to begin with so that I do not have weeks of entries and corrections to make next year before tax time!

Job Search Time Again

Bill worked at updating his resume this weekend, one final edit, and now I can begin this week to get it posted up on the job boards. Last word was that the contract announcement will not be made until the end of April, so that is simply cutting things too close. We need to know there’s a job past June 3rd long before June 3rd! So, you can see what I will be busy with this week! Quicken and posting resumes!

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