Verde Canyon Railroad Excursion Part Two

There were several ancient Indian ruins pointed out to us along our train trip down the Verde Canyon. The first were early in our trip and I did not get a good picture of those. They were difficult to see because they were newer and built along the canyon ledges and did not stand the test of passing time very well. But deeper into the valley were some caves that ancient peoples had dug out and used for homes.

ancient Indian home

You can see the entrance to one cave about mid-way up the red rock, close to where the nearer rock formation curves against the red rock.

Here’s a zoomed view:

ancient Indian home

The narration on the train told that this cave was dug out from the inside so that it was three stories high. And the people using the cave for their home then dug out smoke holes much farther down the rock so that there would be no smoke coming out of their entrance, thus making it a much safer home.

smoke holes

It’s hard to see the smoke vent holes in this picture, but there are two there, up high in the rock.

The second ancient Indian home pointed out was closer to the end of the valley and much lower in the rocks than the first cave.

ancient Indian home

Isn’t this a pretty valley in which to live? You can see the cave openings on the left side of the rocks.

ancient Indian home

And a close up view. It is just below these rocks that the canyon opens up into Perkinsville valley. I suspect because the valley is wider here, there was less danger of flooding so they could live lower in the rocks, closer to the river. Or maybe they just used it for a summer home. What do you think?