Verde Canyon Railroad Excursion Part One – 365 – 105

Today I am sharing a few pictures from the first portion of our Verde Canyon Railroad excursion that we took last Saturday. The day was very cold (in the forties), windy and spitting rain/snow off and on all day long. I wish we could have had a more typical Arizona brilliant blue sky as a backdrop for the beautiful scenery! But the ride was fun, the scenery gorgeous, and hopefully we’ll get to do it again someday when it is just a bit warmer!

Verde River

The first portion of the ride was across wide open spaces with snow covered mountains in the background.

Verde River

Verde River

After about a half hour of following the Verde River, the wide open plain narrowed up as the river carved deeper into the valley.

Verde River Canyon

Tomorrow I’ll post pictures of cliff dwellings and caves that ancient peoples used for homes and to keep safe.

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  1. Missus Wookie

    Very pretty – those mountains are gorgeous!

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