Sunset and Colors – 365 – 095

Today’s post is all about colors!

First, a sunset from last Saturday evening:


Second, progress on the “used to be” graduation afghan:

afghan in progress

I am joining the squares with the Autumn Red. When they are all joined, I will probably go around the whole afghan at least once more with the red and then finish off with some rows of the pink. I am pretty sure I need to make at least three more squares, but I am joining them together to see how big it is before I make anymore. I still don’t know who this will go to or if I will keep it.

Third, final choice on the graduation afghan:

afghan granny squares

The colors are Black, Blue Mint and Lime Light. As David pointed out, these are bright colors, not bold, but I like the combination and I’m tired of considering colors. So This Is It!! I will join them with the black (like I’m joining the above afghan with red) and then decide which color to use as the final finishing rows.

Lastly, for those wondering, I did not finish the taxes yesterday. I was not even able to begin them. My computer has some issues and it decided that reading the Turbo Tax software was going to be one of them. I could proceed no further than the fourth screen before the computer would freeze up. Every Stinking Time! So Bill spent several hours last night loading Turbo Tax and Quicken on our old laptop, pulling in data files, and setting things up so I could proceed today. So, Today Is The Day!

“I am Full of Joyful Energy!”
“I am Full of Joyful Energy!”
“I am Full of Joyful Energy!”
“I am Full of Joyful Energy!”


  1. Kristal

    The afghan is looking good!

  2. Missus Wookie

    I am FULL of JOYFUL Energy 🙂

    but I need a nap….

  3. Tracy

    Love it!!!

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