Perspective -*365 – 075

Sunday Assignment 11 ~ Tech: Perspective

I am participating in a weekly photo challenge and this week’s project was perspective. Specifically to change your perspective from the normal way you would take an image.


Copper was on the dining room table, laying on all the papers I have laid out while I’m trying to prepare for this year’s taxes.



My perspective may not be different on this one, but the position son David is in certainly lends the feel of a different perspective. Not to mention pain! I don’t know how he does that position, which is a favorite one of his for stretching when his back is sore. He’s always been a gumby!


  1. Carol

    Did you bribe Copper to give you a good reason to avoid taxes for a while? He seems to feel those are *his* papers.

    I’m still waiting on business tax info before I have to start ours…

    • Karen

      No bribes. Copper thinks that anytime one lays papers out anywhere, that is an invitation for her to nap. Bare spaces will work, but papers are better and freshly laundered clothes are the best!

  2. Tracy

    LOL! 🙂

  3. Missus Wookie

    Our cats also seem to feel the laying down of papers is strictly to provide them with a napping place 🙂

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