Self-Care Flowers – 365 -074

Lately I’ve been following The Dao of Doing blog and participating in some of their exercises designed to take us beyond the everyday self-doubts and fears that we all have and begin to experience more “doing” in our lives and less waiting for the things we desire. Earlier this month one of the self care exercises, Tea Time: Making a List…, was to make a list of the things that are essential to my self-care.

One of those for me is flowers. I’m a gardener and love to grow flowers outside when and where I can. But over the years I’ve learned that I need those flowers inside also. For years I had over a dozen African violets, which were wonderful because they were in continual blossom. Right now, though, I only have one such plant, so cut flowers have become a pretty common sight in our house. Last week I bought myself two bouquets of flowers.

The roses were marked down to $4.99 per dozen. Granted, they were well past their prime, but I figured they would last a few days and they have! They have no smell, unfortunately, but are gorgeous to look at.

red rose

The other bouquet that I purchased was the cheap flowers (astral?) that all supermarkets seem to carry. They come in a variety of colors and last forever! I love them! The biggest problem is deciding which color to buy.

cut flowers


  1. Missus Wookie

    I love flowers, inside and out. Beautiful 🙂

  2. Tracy

    Love the red!

  3. Carol

    You have me thinking here. I don’t like cut flowers, but now that my amaryllis is done, I think I’ll look for another flowering plant. Anyone have any suggestions?

    • Karen

      You could grow hibiscus inside and with all your sun, they’d bloom almost continuously. I’ve never had a lot of luck with inside blooming plants other than African violets. So many other plants get buggy very easily.

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