Paris Jigsaw Puzzle – 365-071

Paris jigsaw puzzle

I think I am replacing one time wasting habit (solitaire) with another one (jigsaw puzzles), but at least there is a sense of accomplishment with the puzzles, while solitaire leaves me with a lingering feeling of guilt.

This puzzle was quite fun to do, as the pieces have a very different feel to them, a more substantial and smoother feel, than any puzzles I’ve done before. The last puzzle I put together left my fingers sore from the rough edges of the pieces. This one was a Dowdle Folk Art puzzle and I will definitely be looking for more of those.

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  1. Missus Wookie

    I like making cards – ’cause I feel vaguely productive but it can be done in spare minutes. Used to do jigsaw puzzles and enjoy them, sadly haven’t anywhere to leave stuff out at the moment.

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