Mimosa Tree Trim – 365 – 067

Give a man a power tool and this

Mimosa Tree

becomes this

trimmed mimosa tree

Don’t worry. It will soon look like a tree again. The neighbor down the street trims their tree each spring to look like this

trimmed mimosa tree

I expect that by fall it will look similar to when we moved here in November 2009

mimosa tree fall 2009


  1. Roberta

    Sorry to see this. Here in Arizona the landscapers trim the trees way too much. Sometimes it is simply a case of needing something to do. Others it is “everyone else is doing it, so I should too.”

    You would think a tree wouldn’t know how to grow without all our help, but it is funny that they can.

    • Karen

      It does seem a little radical. But we really did need to do a major trim on the tree, as it was beginning to scrape windows and hang over into the sidewalk. Where we trimmed just a little off last spring, it grew enough to be back to the windows by fall. If we stay here, I suspect we won’t need to worry about trimming next spring.

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