Birthday Girl – *365-061


Sunday Assignment 9 ~ I Spy: Hearts

Munchkin will be 5 this coming week! Here’s a picture of her just three days old, along with one of the birthday gifts that Grandma needs to get into the mail!

This is the same framed photo I used in the Sunday Assignment 4, another “I Spy” assignment! See the heart pillow in the photo?


  1. Carol

    I thought it must be nearly time for her birthday. I can still remember how excited you were to announce her arrival and how special it was for you to be there.

  2. Tracy

    LOVE the shirt!!!

  3. Kristal

    That is a great shirt!

  4. Missus Wookie

    I was thinking her birthday must be coming up, ’cause Princess’s is 🙂

    Cool shirt, bet she wears it with pride!

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