Wow, when I said yesterday morning that it was a crappy day, little did I know!  I did accomplish all the items on my checklist.  One of them was to call the Alabama utility companies to make sure the tenant there had changed the utilities into his own name.  Well, he has and he hasn’t.  The water has been changed over, but not the electric.   So I called my dad to let him know (he’s acting as the property manager).  And then the chaos began.  Mary answered Dad’s phone and, thinking I was someone else, proceeded to say things about Emergency Room and head bleeding and x-rays.  The phone reception was pretty lousy, but I managed to find out that dad had fallen off a ladder and hit his head.  They were waiting for the doctor to see him.  Okay, doesn’t sound too bad.  But, as the afternoon goes on, more of the story unfolds.  He was knocked unconscious for quite some time when he fell.  The x-rays showed fractures.  He was transferred (by ambulance) to another hospital for further evaluation and testing.  Finally, it is decided that there are no fractures.  All he suffered was a slight concussion.  And he was sent home.  I was able to talk with him in the evening after he had gotten home and he sounded fine, although tired.  From the first phone call to the last, it was 6 hours of craziness.  My siblings calling and texting each other, trying to find out more information.  The fact that none of us live near dad anymore just makes experiences like this so much more stressful.

When I talked with Dad last night and asked him about staying off of ladders in the future, he said, “I was done with the ladder part anyway.”   Doesn’t that sound like a dad?

Yesterday morning the doctor increased my thyroid medication level and already last night was a better night for sleeping, with noticeably less joint aches.  I anticipate tonight will be even better.

David heard back from the company he interviewed with last week.  Even though they said they were only interviewing two people and would make a decision soon, now it sounds like they are interviewing more applicants and will not decide until sometime next week.  That doesn’t sound promising.

I’m Skypeing with Munchkin this morning and as soon as I post this up, it will be time to get back to updating Quicken.  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could keep Quicken up-to-date this year and not have to spend all of February 2012 on it?