Cranky Day

I’ve the feeling that this is going to be a long day. I didn’t sleep well at all last night and my whole body aches. I know it’s from the hypothyroidism; I had blood work done last Thursday to retest thyroid levels. I have a message on my phone this morning to call the doctor’s office to get the results, so hopefully she’ll be adjusting the medicine levels and in a few days I’ll feel good again. In the meantime, I’m trying not to be cranky!

While I was lying awake last night, unable to sleep, I started rethinking my story idea for Princess Fiona and believe I’ve found an idea that I can run with. The previous idea, for some reason, just wasn’t going anywhere for me. I can take what I have already written and use it with this new idea. So the first thing I did when I turned my computer on this morning was open that file and actually write a few sentences before I totally lost the whole concept.

So I’ve a long list of things to do today:

  • Call the Alabama utility companies and make sure the tenant has started his own accounts
  • Post my finished jigsaw puzzle on Freecyle and ask for new ones (already done this and received a nice email from a lady willing to give me several puzzles in exchange for my one!)
  • Work on Quicken (I paid bills yesterday, so my desk is clear!)
  • Laundry (a load is washing as I type)

Okay, so the list isn’t all that long, but the backlog of Quicken I have to do makes it a long list!

We (hopefully) should hear today whether David got the job that he interviewed for last week. Keeping my fingers crossed!

And I discovered a new musical group yesterday while watching CMT: Mumford and Sons. I’ve been listening to them on Youtube for the last hour and totally love their unique sound, a blend of acoustic / bluegrass / folk. All four men are from London and you can hear a bit of British accent at times as they sing, but their playing is pure Nashville! I think my favorite so far is “Little Lion Man.” .” (Lyrics warning: They to use the F-Word several times in this song).

Okay, time to get to work!

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  1. Carol

    Hoping better sleep is coming soon. We’ve been appreciating the lack of construction pump since Friday – and I’m feeling so much better for sounder nights’ sleep. Crossing my fingers about the job – been wondering about that but didn’t want to ask.

    Tomorrow’s to do list here includes updating my spreadsheet to finish January and start February.

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