The Moon at Sunset – 365 – 038

In January I posted pictures taken from my front yard of the Blimp and the Moon together at sunrise. Two weeks later, from my backyard the moon is now visible at sunset!

moon at sunset

moon at sunset

The second picture was taken using the zoom function. Otherwise, these pictures have not been edited (except for size).


  1. Kristal


  2. Amanda

    What a beautiful sky!!!

  3. Carol

    Lovely photos! Now, please tell me you have a good way of organizing them and share.

    • Karen

      I have folder in my Documents file for “Pictures 2011” and then subfolders for each month and then subfolders again for specific topics, like trips, birthdays, etc., that might be noteworthy. Otherwise, miscellaneous pics just sit in the monthly folder. And then for things like Crochet projects, I just have a folder for that (not in the yearly folders).

  4. Tracy


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