Still No Gas

We’ve now been over 52 hours without natural gas. The gas workers are in the neighborhood; I saw some earlier this morning, but they are skipping around to different houses. I suspect they are still connected those who are on their “emergency” list, those sick or elderly or disabled. Eventually they will get around to us.

In the meantime, we are doing fine. Yesterday’s roast will be today’s vegetable beef soup, via the crockpot. Our electric heaters are maintaining things fine in the night and the sunshine is warming the house up nicely during the day. We did not get nearly so cold last night, only upper 20s. I’ve got laundry hanging on the clothesline. The only real inconvenience is the lack of sufficient hot water for a shower or bath. I’m getting tired of sponge baths and my hair needs washing.

It is funny how something like this sort of leaves you suspended in inaction. We don’t feel like we can go anywhere, as we don’t want to miss the gas people coming and turning back on our gas. And it seems difficult to focus on any work or projects. I’ve been working a lot on my jigsaw puzzle and have it mostly done.

It’s time to make some lunch and then wash up the dishes. Thank goodness I have multiple crockpots! At least I have hot water for dishes!

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  1. Kristal

    Wow… that has got to be rough! Praying they fix it soon!

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