Clean Desk – 365-029

Finally! It took me all month, but I finally got my desk cleaned off this week. Doesn’t it look good? Especially my desktop background?

clean desk

Of course, two days later and I already have three folders on the left side of the desk. But that’s all! Honest!

This is the rest of my office area – printers, file folders, calendar and posters on the wall. I have four different scenes (forest greens, ocean blues) for the big poster that I change out as my mood requires. The small picture above the calendar is a Monet repro, one of his green water lilies. And it is a “Beaches of the Caribbean” calendar. Beaches, water lilies, green forests, blue oceans … things you can’t find in the southeastern Arizona desert!

printers and posters


  1. Kristal

    Goodness… that is a lot of monitors!

    • Karen

      LOL, yes, it is! I first started using two monitors when I was editing a homeschool magazine. I wouldn’t want to be without them now, even though I fought my husband tooth and nail over the idea. Now, when I’m webpage editing, I can have the html editor open on one screen and whatever content I’m trying to add/change on the other screen. The laptop I use for Skype only. For some reason my computer freezes up whenever I try to use Skype, which is most unhandy when I’m trying to chat with my granddaughter!

  2. Carol

    Now I know how you manage to Facebook while Skypeing! All I manage to do is handwork. :P)

    Cleaned off my desk Friday, too. You wouldn’t know it now, at least not until you move the quilt that I’m sewing the binding on. But underneath it’s the best it’s been in months.

  3. Tracy

    Nice…. I have lots of monitors too. One for editing and one for movies! LOL!

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