Munchkin in the sunlight – *365-027

Sunday Assignment 4 – I Spy: Ball

tulips and Munchkin

I love how the sunlight hits my kitchen counter in the afternoon, highlighting the family pictures displayed on the counter. Seeing one picture or another lit up always makes my afternoon dinner prep chores more enjoyable. Yesterday morning I bought some tulips and had just thrown them into a vase while I put away the groceries and stuck the vase up on the counter. The next thing I know, the sunlight is hitting the flowers and Miss Munchkin’s baby picture. Lovely!

This week’s Sunday Assignment is “I Spy: Ball” – do you see my blue exercise ball in the background?


  1. Kara

    aww.. this is nice to have!

  2. Tracy

    Too me a minute to see…because of the beautiful flowers!!!

  3. Kristal

    I say that you marked it and thought… were is the ball… then I saw it! Pretty flowers!

  4. Carol

    I love that you pause and see the sunlight on different family photos as you make dinner.

    Great framing for this shot.

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