Grapes but not grapes – 365-025

fruit hanging from a tree

Anyone know what tree this is? It was in the courtyard at the hotel we stayed at in Tucson over the weekend.

Bill and I spent Saturday night in Tucson, dancing our silly feet sore. It was great dancing and great callers at the Tucson Area Square Dance Festival, but the dance floor left a lot to be desired (too tacky) and they had a much larger than anticipated turnout, so the dance floor was very crowded. That always makes for hard dancing. But we had a great time dancing with members of our local club and we also recognized several people from when we traveled to Show Low last July.

square dance badges & ribbons

The event was held at the Radisson Hotel, which was beautiful and very comfortable. I took pictures of the fountain, the pool and the lemon trees growing in the courtyard area.


swimming pool

lemon trees

We took a long scenic drive home from Tucson on Sunday afternoon, but I’ll save those pictures for tomorrow!


  1. Missus Wookie

    Nope don’t know the tree at all – intriguing stuff. Wonder if the lemons are used or go to waste? Looks like a nice hotel tho’, but 32F? Bit cold to swim…

    • Karen

      The pool was heated, but I still didn’t see anyone in it. There were some hardy individuals in the whirlpool (near the pool) around 10 p.m. I couldn’t brave the cold air to get to the pool or whirlpool! LOL During the day, though, the outside temps warm up to mid-70s, which is still not hardly warm enough for me to go swimming. I didn’t stick a toe in the pool to see how warm it might have been heated.

  2. Magnolia Mom

    I have some friends that square dance. What a fun activity. Love the big skirts.

    • Karen

      It is a lot of fun, Magnolia Mom. And nowadays, many women are wearing the prairie skirts rather than the shorter skirts and petticoats. Cheaper, easier, and not as warm. But many still wear the fancy petticoats and skirts.

  3. Kristal

    How long have you squared danced? How fun!

    • Karen

      I have square danced since I was an early teen, so close to 40 years! My husband took lessons in 1995, so he’s been dancing for 16 years. It is a lot of fun. We belong to the local club here in Sierra Vista and then, when work allows, we travel to special dances around the state. Planning to travel to Yuma later in February for a special dance!

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