Moonset 365-023

setting moon

Thursday morning, when I drove down our street to take Bill to work, I saw the full moon in the east setting between two notches of the Huachuca Mountains, just as the sun was coming up in the west. It was striking and I wished I had my camera along and that there was time to pull over to take a picture. I tried on Friday morning to catch the setting moon framed by neighbor’s trees. I definitely need a better camera for such shots!


  1. Anita

    So cool. I have always liked being able to see the mon and sun out at the same time.

  2. Carol

    I feel for you. Seems when I remember to take the camera, there isn’t much to see but when I don’t, I wish I had it.

    I love shots of the moon, sunrise, sunset. Lately I’ve been noticing how much color there is in the east at sunset.

    But I think the moon was in the west and the sun in the east…

    • Karen

      Of course you are right, Carol. The moon was setting in the west as the sun was rising in the east. For some reason, since we moved west of the Mississippi, both Bill and I seem to be directionally challenged. Never had that problem before, but it’s definitely a problem now, telling east from west, north from south!

  3. Kristal

    My kids love seeing the moon during the day!

  4. Tracy


  5. Missus Wookie

    I’m glad you clarified your compass directions ’cause even as befuddled as I am I was even more confused reading that.

    I like photos where you manage to get both together, or even just seeing the moon during the day.

  6. Carol

    Funny how a change in location can effect your sense of direction. My SIL was confused for a good long time after he moved from the southern hemisphere. My sense of direction has gotten much stronger here in Florida; I always know which way it is to the ocean, i.e., east. But take me back to where my parents lived and I never can quite figure it out.

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