Joe’s Crab Shack – 365-*020

Sunday Assignment 3 – Emotions and Expressions: Excited!


My son David, contemplating his first crab dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack in Tucson! The setting was dark and the flash tended to be too bright, so I took this without a flash and then played with the brightness and contrast features in the photo editor.

David in black and white

This is about as excited as David gets! He’s a pretty laid-back kind of guy. He had just passed his Security + Certification and Joe’s Crab Shack was how we decided to celebrate.

Joe's Classic Steampot

This is what he was excited about eating, Joe’s Classic Steampot! This was actually the “for two” version that Bill & I ordered. But David’s looked the same, just for one. And it was delicious!


  1. molly

    looks hummy and your son looks like he gets as excited as my oldest son…lol..a smile means complete happiness.

  2. Anita

    The food looks really tasty. It must be a teenage boy look. My 17 has the same look on his face that he tries to pass off for “excited”. 🙂

  3. Missus Wookie

    oh that looks delicious. I once asked a teen nephew who’d said something was delicious if I could have it in writing 😉

  4. Kristal

    Looks yummy!

  5. Tracy

    OH YES! Very excited.

  6. Leslee

    Oh yes, we love us some Joe’s!!! Great meal…

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