The Blimp – 365-018

the blimp above Sierra Vista

This blimp (actually an aerostat) flies above our area as part of the U.S. Border Patrol’s border enforcement efforts. We can always tell when the weather is going to get owly because they bring the blimp down on the ground. You can see this for miles in all directions and it makes a great landmark for finding your way home!


  1. kara

    I LOVE this!! What a great little trivia lesson here. I’m enjoying the photos where you live!

  2. Kristal

    We have the goodyear blimp here flying over… fun to see something different!

  3. Tracy


  4. Missus Wookie

    fun – around here our air traffic is mostly 747s or similar, I’d prefer a blimp.

    • Karen

      This is to monitor low flying drug-running planes coming across the border, not road traffic. It might also help with scanning the desert for lights, etc., for illegals and drug smuggling coming across the boarder, but I’m not sure on that.

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