Isn’t It Lovely? – 365-013

glass of mountain dew

Isn’t it wonderful?

I know Mountain Dew is not what Stevie Wonder was singing about, but there was a time when that was how I felt about Mountain Dew. I was seriously addicted to the taste, but went cold turkey almost six years ago. I still crave it sometimes when I’m very tired or extremely stressed and yesterday was one of those days where I was both and so I succumbed. I stopped at the gas station just down the road and bought a bottle. I even waited until I got home to open it, savoring the memory of the taste.

Over the past six years I’ve occasionally stolen a swig out of someone’s bottle or even bought a bottle, drank two glugs and then poured the rest down the drain, just to have a taste. There are days that the taste of Mountain Dew is all I can think of! But yesterday I discovered that the taste had changed … the first sip was not as delicious as my memory told me it should be. I drank another gulp, just to see. Nope. Either the formula has changed or my taste buds have changed. I poured the remainder down the drain. I wonder if my memory will let go of my addiction now, as my taste buds so obviously have?


  1. Anita

    Love the story behind the photo. I used to have those feelings about Coca Cola.

  2. Tracy

    UGH! (Sorry)…don’t drink soda and if I do it’s clear ones like Sprite.

  3. Kara

    Pretty! But that’s about all I like about Mountain Dew. I can’t take the clear “sodas.” My girls like it, but now my 15 yr old is banned from it after an incident on our road trip across America this summer! LOL I’m a Pepsi girl! I could drink one a day easily. I’m trying not to! 🙂

  4. hipchicagomom

    This is the EXACT same way I feel about Coke. Same. Exact. Way. Except I’ve tried countless times to stop drinking it, and I always fall off the wagon. It’s hopeless. I love cracking a can open, pouring it over some fresh ice in a glass, and slugging it down in one big gulp! LOL! It’s so sugary and good. I WISH my taste buds would change!

  5. Missus Wookie

    I remember you going cold turkey… my taste buds have changed – was startled at how bad the stuff tasted (in my case Dr P) interestingly was tempted over Christmas, drank not even half the can and gave the rest to Princess. She can’t do a whole can either.

    Glad you noted the event tho’.

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