Self-Portrait – 365-010

Karen self-portrait

Karen self-portrait

I don’t usually care for pictures of myself (being terribly non-photogenic), and usually trying to take my own picture is a disaster. But this one didn’t turn out to be too terrible! All dressed up to attend the hubby’s work holiday banquet. I just love those events … NOT!


  1. Anita

    You look fabulous. I am with you on not caring for photos of myself, I would rather be behind the camera.

  2. Tracy

    LOL! Beautiful! Love your outfit.

  3. Kristal

    You are very beautiful – and love the jacket!

  4. Carol

    It’s a lovely photo of a lovely woman. But I’m with you. I generally feel I’m not at all photogenic. I’m grateful for the candid shots that people sometimes get of me, as those are usually the best – even if I’m disheveled or mismatched. 🙂 Besides, that’s my normal anyway.

  5. Missus Wookie

    Lovely to see you here 🙂 Very nice jacket!

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