Thursday’s Treasure – Skyping with Munchkin – 365-006

Miss Munchkin on Skype

Munchkin this morning while we Skype. Definitely a treasure in so many ways!

Miss Munchkin on Skype

When Miss Munchkin is home with nothing to do, she starts seeing who shows up online on her Skype contact list. If I’m not available, then she’s got Uncle David, Aunt Rebecca or her Alabama Grandma to try.

The marvels of technology enabling us to keep us in touch across the miles; Tuesday we had a long-distance Skype tea party!


  1. molly

    Munchin sure is adorable I just love chatting with my Granddaughter.
    Thank you for stopping by my 365 project is dreary here but I used pse to convert it to black and white then added a layer of wintergreen to dull it down…reduced the opacity to 59%, I thought it made it look more like winter…lol..really don’t know what I’m doing just like to play around when I’m bored and can’t go outside.

    • Colleen

      So far I’ve not played with pictures much other than altering the contrast and brightness a bit.

      And thanks for the compliment about Munchkin. She’s my only granddaughter and she lived with us for much of her early years. I do miss her and hate being so far away.

  2. Tracy

    So fun! We used to web cam with my parents when we lived up north.

  3. Carol

    Skype is so wonderful! I can sit here in Florida and just watch the girls play in Maine – all the while knitting or sewing or something. It certainly makes the separation easier!

    Miss Munchkin is growing up so much! Almost 5 already. Has Kat made a decision about unschooling yet?

    • Colleen

      Skype is wonderful. Yesterday Munchkin and I spent almost 6 hours together. We played cards (war), watched a movie (I listened, since I couldn’t really see the TV well), I helped her with spelling words on her Leapster, we had a tea party, and she listened to me practice my guitar finger exercises.

      I’m not sure what Kat is going to do for her schooling next year. She’s not mentioned it since last summer.

  4. Missus Wookie

    been trying to get my family/friends into skype. I have it installed on my computer now – and even have a webcam, but not always on.

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