Thursday’s Treasures – Drying Rack

This week’s Thursday Treasure is a new treasure, but one that I am already greatly appreciating. I do not have a clothes dryer, so I have to dry clothes the old fashioned way, on a clothesline! Unfortunately, the clothesline that came with the house is very small.

clothes drying on the clothesline

I can only hang about six shirts on the line, unless I do a lot of overlapping. And most of the time it does not get any direct sunlight, so on these colder winter days it can take a number of hours to dry a load of clothes.

Ever since we moved in here in October 2009, I have wanted a way to add some moisture to the house in the winter and have also wanted more drying capacity. Adding more clothesline outside is out of the question, since we rent. After a lot of searching and comparing of drying racks, I came across The Best Drying Rack and almost immediately made my order. It arrived last month and I have used it almost continuously since.

I love that it folds up and is very portable.

The Best Drying Rack folded up

It is easy to set up.

setting up The Best Drying Rack

You can use as few or as many arms as you need, thus being able to use it in smaller spaces or up against a wall.

The Best Drying Rack half open

The Best Drying Rack fully open

Fully expanded, it will hold quite a bit of laundry.

Clothes on the Best Drying Rack

I’m using hangars here since I had several shirts to dry, but it works equally well without hangars, just draping the clothes over the rods. The more I use it, the more ways I discover that I can hang the clothes on it to dry.

The drying rack doubles my clothes drying capacity. And when it is used inside (I usually keep it in the spare bedroom, set up and ready for use), the drying clothes add some much needed moisture to the house during the winter. On nice sunny days I like to move it outside. The only thing I have to watch when it is outside is the wind; we get a lot of wind here, so I only use it outside on the relatively windless days. The unit is quite sturdy, but with all those clothes hanging on it, I can see the wind moving the whole rack like a storm tossed boat, with my clean clothes abandoning ship!

**Thursday’s Treasures highlights the small things that make my life a good life. It may be an item, it might be a book, it could be a song; whatever it is, it makes me smile and is therefore worth treasuring.


  1. Mom

    Your new purchased clothes dryer is a very old idea and has been used for about 200 years. They are very handy and have stood the test of time. We had one at home and I do believe that your Grammy Gibson also had one. Amazing isn’t it?

  2. Mary

    I got one of these clothes drying racks last year. I also am really pleased with it.

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