Today is a much better day than yesterday, and it’s only 10 a.m.! I finally settled down last night, got a few chores done and worked more diligently on the Tote Bag crochet project for Munchkin. I finish all the flower motifs that go in the center of the bag and even began the base before it was bedtime. This is a scanned image, since I don’t have my camera this week.

Flower Motifs

Flower Motifs for Child's Tote Bag

I heard from Bill around mid-afternoon. It looks like that will be about the only time I hear from him while he’s gone due to the eight hour time difference. So far he’s not been impressed with Germany, but that might have to do with the fact that it’s cold and rainy! And he didn’t really want to make the trip to begin with.

A dental appointment later this morning (just a cleaning) and then the Pest Control guy is coming early in the afternoon. Not so many ants today, but it’s probably just because 1) its colder outside and they might be starting to hibernate and 2) we didn’t leave out anything sweet for them eat. What is very odd is that we have not found them on the kitchen counter or in the kitchen sink, which, of course, is where there is usually dirty dishes and food sources. Nope, they’d rather explore the pantry for the nut grinder or the laundry room for the cat food or the bath tub for God knows what! I will be so glad to not be seeing ants everywhere!