Interesting contrast today. This morning I have a retake of last week’s Mammogram. The doctor wanted more views of the right side, so back I go this morning for another session of squeezing and flattening and “hold your breath.” Not fun at all. Bill is worried about the retake (that’s his job, I think, to worry), while I’m just sure it’s because the woman who was taking them last week was new and being supervised by someone else. She had to redo the right side once last week to satisfy her trainer. Besides, I don’t worry about such things … that’s Bill’s job!

And then at noon my clogging group is having a Going Away party for one of the long-time clogging members. She is moving to north Arizona in December, so we are all bringing a dish to pass, meeting at the instructor’s home, and enjoying some fun time. No dancing, although my knee seems to be doing much better and hopefully I can get back to dancing soon. By the time I get in to actually see a doctor about it, the danged thing will be all better! One can hope!

And I almost had a disaster this morning! I grabbed the Chinese Five Spice Powder to add to my oatmeal instead of the Chinese Cassia Cinnamon! Luckily I smelled the difference when I opened the bottle BEFORE I shook any into the oatmeal. That could have been quite a morning wake-up shake-up!