Control Issues

This whole Alabama mess has me incredibly stressed out. Charles is there this morning meeting with the insurance adjustor and it does appear like insurance is going to step up and pay. Still now sure how much, but the adjustor talked to me and wanted my permission to send out Service Master to deal with the water that is still on the floor and he said that Service Master would send the bill directly to the insurance company. He just needed my permission to get the ball rolling. Go for it, I told him. So basically we wasted the money we spent last week on a service who was supposed to remove the water and carpet and really all they did was remove the carpet. So it is good news that insurance appears like it will cover the damages. And the adjustor told Charles that he has seen a lot worse damage done to other trailer by vandals. So that’s a positive, I think.

I am beginning to think that this move to Arizona occurred so that I can learn to let go and let others do things. All I can do is be on this end of the phone feeling helpless, offer advice as best I can, hope and trust that others will do the job, and write the checks. Not a comfortable position for me in so many ways! I do not “sit back and let others do” well at all. Patience I have plenty of, as long as I’m in the midst of the problem and can tackle it head on. Patience I do not have plenty of when I’m 1800 miles away and that is making my stress level go sky high. I think today will be a chocolate and Yanni day … they always calm me down!


  1. Carol

    I think that’s where we both are, learning to let go and let others handle it. ((((((((Hugs)))))))))))

    • Colleen

      My children have always said that I have control issues!! 🙂 I have been trying to think of all the ways that this could be looked at in a positive light.
      1. Charles is learning how to do all sorts of home repairs that will come in handy should he ever buy his own place.
      2. We raised a wonderful, responsible, helpful son.
      3. I am spending lots of quality time on the phone with Rebecca and Charles.
      4. The insurance adjuster has seen much worse damage before, so I guess we were lucky it wasn’t worse!

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