Tale of Two Houses

Yesterday was a day of contrasts. I spent the morning preparing for a walk through by the landlord, a necessity each time we renew the lease. Since Bill’s job looks as certain as any job can these days, we decided to renew the lease for another 6 months, hence the walk through. Even though it is really not a cleanliness inspection, I figured it was a good time to make sure the house looked good. So I mopped all the floors, vacuumed all the floors, cleaned toilets and bathroom counters, swept the front walk, washed the sliding glass door and just generally picked up. These are all normal housecleaning chores, but not something I usually make sure are done all at the same time, preferring to do a portion of them each day or week as needed. So by 12:30 the house looked great! I basked in my accomplishments for about one half hour, until I received a phone call from my son in Alabama.

Charles called to let me know that our home in Alabama had been broken into again. We’ve had some relatively minor issues since the house has been vacant (if you can call stolen electric wiring and stolen antique furniture minor), but this time it was much more serious. After the last break-in, when one piece of antique furniture was stolen, we arranged to have everything of value that was still there in the home moved to a storage facility. Well, obviously that pissed off someone and they took out their anger on our property. We figure they went back to steal another piece of furniture (thereby probably funding their drug habit) and when they discovered nothing left to steal, they went on a rampage, causing thousands in damage. The worst was that they broke the toilets and then sawed the water pipe that went to the master bedroom toilet, thereby causing major water damage to the master bedroom. We are lucky (lucky?!) that this was discovered relatively quickly (the last water meter reading was October 13, so the damage occurred since that date) as only the master bedroom was flooded. The carpeting there acted as a nice sponge and kept the water from running throughout the whole place.

So now someone’s lunacy has created a huge mess, causing expenses that we really can’t afford (who could?) and time issues for Charles that he didn’t need. We’re so grateful he is able to help out but hate that his precious free time is being used up with such issues. There are days that I just hate being so far away from Alabama and having to rely upon others to help out in a crisis.

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  1. Chase Young

    I am so sorry to hear about the house. That is really scary that someone would do that to a vacant house. At least it was found quickly. We are a tiny bit worried here, as the house we are staying in for the winter is normally vacant, as is the other house on the property. We were talking to the neighbors yesterday and apparently a group of hunters (as many as 14) like to come and visit this land around the first week of November and hunt deer. Not a problem really, but then apparently they get to drinking than just start shooting at things randomly and creating a lot of noise. Not something we really want around small children. We can call the local sheriff, but then there could be reprisals. Right now I am just trying to advertise that we have small kids, making sure there are diapers out on the line and leaving some of out door toys around the yard, hoping that will deter crazy behavior. I hope your house gets left alone now that it is torn up and vacant.

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