You lose some. So go my projects lately.


Win! I have updated all three of my blogs and given two of them complete makeovers. That is real progress. I am continuing to go through old posts on both this and the LeapingFromTheBox blog, cleaning, recategorizing and adding tags.


Win! I’m on row 19 of the Round Ripple Baby Afghan I am crocheting for Kat’s friend. I am hoping it will quit rolling on the ends as it gets bigger.

Round Ripple Baby Blanket in progress


Definitely not a win. It was nice and clean, organized, about ten days ago. But as you can see, I get started on one project and ignore other areas. I will definitely have to spend some time finding my desktop tomorrow, as it’s pay day and I know there are some bills hidden under that pile, along with items to send to Miss Munchkin.

Messy desk


Another no win. I am way behind in keeping that up to date, so far behind that I won’t even give specifics here. Let’s just say we’re looking at some major time come next January and tax time if I don’t get busy on getting Quicken caught up!


A win. I printed off a couple of calendars on October 1 and taped them to the refrigerator. One is a reminder for Bill and I to walk in the evenings. The other is a reminder for me to do some sort of daily exercising. My calendar has every day marked off so far this month. The calendar for walking, well, that has three days out of five crossed off. Not perfect, but definitely progress.