Penny the Dog

A week ago today our dog Penny went to doggie heaven. The last year had been a hard one on Penny, with many illnesses, a surgery, and a skin infection that just wouldn’t go away. Each illness seemed to take a little more out of her. The final straw was a saddle thrombosis, which cut off the blood supply going to her hind quarters. Rather than extensive and expensive treatments that really offered no hope of recovery, we made the difficult decision to have her put down.

We acquired Penny in the spring of 1997. She was one of a litter of nine or ten roly poly mixed breed puppies that were offered up in the local newspaper. She was a wonderful dog to have around children, loving to be mauled by little ones. And she was an especially good dog to have around cats; she loved cats and (mostly) they loved her. Winter days would find Penny lying on the deck surrounded by and covered by cats keeping warm. And even better than cats was the cat food! Penny surely did love cat food!

I know I have more pictures of her, but the only digital picture I could find was taken last year by Miss Munchkin.

Penny the Dog

RIP Penny.


  1. Carol

    Oh, Karen, I hadn’t realized Penny was so young! When we lost Tessa last summer at 5 her youth made it that much harder. How is Miss Munchkin taking the news? Rhi didn’t talk about Tessa at all for a long time, and then started some and lots more after we got Erika. She was so afraid Erika was going to die right away.


    • Colleen

      Young? The vet said she was about 90 in people years. 13.5 was pretty good for a dog her size. I don’t know about Munchkin. I left it to her Mommy to tell her about it and when I talked to Munchkin yesterday she didn’t mention Penny at all.

      • Colleen

        Oh, now I see why you said young! I wrote 2007 but meant 1997! Yikes. I better go fix that!

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