Thursday’s Treasures

coffee mug

A Thursday Treasure

Is this not the loveliest mug you have ever seen?  My mom gave this to me last year for my 50th birthday.  Every morning it is the mug I use for my mocha.  I just love the colors, the kitten, the flowers; it makes me smile every time I take it out of the cupboard.  I think of my mom, I think of the lovely birthday I had, I think of the delicious mocha I will soon be drinking, and I am happy!

Note:  Thursday’s Treasures will be my weekly attempt at highlighting the small things that make my life a good life.  It may be an item, it might be a book, it could be a song; whatever it is, it makes me smile and is therefore a treasure.

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  1. Roberta

    Sweet! I love your mug (and the idea of mocha).

    Thursday Treasure is a wonderful idea.

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