Can it really be February already? Where did January go? Not that I am complaining. January has been too cold for me this year. And I am more than ready for race season to begin! Daytona Speed Week starts in five days! Yippee!

I never did post any resolutions for 2009, but mostly that is because I decided to do some monthly goal-setting, small, hopefully attainable goals. January’s was to get our financial records in order, which has been a goal for far too long. It really is an important goal, as I am the only one who knows where everything is. If something were to happen to me, Bill would have a devil of a time figuring out what to pay, when to pay it, and where to pay it!

I have worked quite a bit on the project in January, but still have a long way to go. We decided to install new Quicken software and input all of 2008’s information, so that has been quite a time consuming project. At the same time, I have been working on creating one central financial “diary” where all our various account numbers, passwords, payment information, phone numbers, etc. are kept in once place. As I pay each bill, I create a new page with all the pertinent information. Of course, this makes actual bill paying take much longer. And as the month went on, I began to forget all about the diary pages and just paid the bills. So even though all the bills were paid in January, the diary is not complete.

Consequently, January’s goal has spilled over into February and now I’ve added in completing our 2008 taxes. All of this WILL BE DONE by February 28th! I swear! It has to be, since this month Miss Munchkin is away, visiting her daddy and other grandparents (and aunt and uncle). I will take advantage of the peace and quiet and finish one project before I begin another.

Speaking of another project, February’s goal was going to be updating my blogs, writing more frequently (that shouldn’t be too difficult, given my recent record of non-writing) and beginning a new website. Since January’s goal has spilled over in to February, I will modify February and only work at writing more frequent blog posts. All other updates and new sites will have to wait until March, or at least until this financial disaster spread all over my desk is completed!

And thus one goal for February has begun to be achieved, as I have just written two blog posts, one here and one at My NASCAR Race Blog. So far, so good!