The New Year 2009

I haven’t posted since Wednesday because I’ve had a cold since Thursday that has made me rather miserable. I’m short on sleep, my nose is sore from all the nose blowing, and my head is foggy. The last three days are a blur. Today is really not much better, but I’m making an effort.

I do have some New Year’s resolutions rumbling around in my head, but they aren’t coherent yet, due to this cold. So maybe I’ll post them later this week when I am hopefully feeling better.

Bill and I went driving around a bit this afternoon. It’s a glorious January day with temps in the mid-70’s, bright sunshine and a balmy breeze. I wish I had taken my camera because I saw redbud trees and azalea bushes in bloom. It’s the fourth of January! Sure beats snow and sub-freezing temps!


  1. linda

    Something is wrong with a high temp of 19 degrees F with wind blowing snow around and slushy slippery roads?

  2. Colleen

    Yup, sure is! Been there, done that .. chose not to do it anymore!

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