This was Miss Munchkin’s first Christmas where she connected requests for presents with the holiday. Her number one most desired present? A train. Just like in the store. Nothing else would do. What’s a Grandma to do?

After looking at several different train sets, I settled on the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Set. We have purchased several Melissa & Doug products since Miss Munchkin’s birth and found them all to be well made, durable, and best of all, well-loved by Miss Munchkin. The train set seems to be all of the above, in addition to fun for Uncles and Grandpas to play with.

A bit overwhelmed at the size of the box and actually getting the much-desired train!

The train is now set up on our dining room table, where it is more readily reached by said Uncle and Grandpa. I am sure it will be the subject of future posts. Grandpa is already talking about taking Miss Munchkin to ride a real train. Let’s hope that will be more successful than the time we took our three to ride a train. Charles was about Miss Munchkin’s age, maybe a tad bit younger, and when that train appeared down the track, he began to scream at the noise it made. I am not sure which was louder, Charles’s screams or the train’s whistle! He did settle down, though, and enjoy the ride.