Photo Friday – Progress

This post was written two weeks ago, but I have been having issues in loading pictures here. Something in my new computer system that we are finally figuring out, I hope!

Last night I finished row 100 on the Celtic-patterned afghan I am making for Charles and Rebecca. I think it is turning very nicely, if I do say so myself!

The color is burgundy, not the brighter red that is showing here in this picture. 100 rows down, another 170 or so to go!

And no Photo Friday would be complete without a picture or two of Miss Munchkin! These were taken yesterday. How she has grown!


  1. Holli

    The afghan is beautiful! Ah, and so is Miss Munchkin. She certainly is growing quickly as well. I do hope you are enjoying the warm temps there in Florida. We had a good snow yesterday here, though it didn’t stick. The temps MAY get out of the 30’s sometime today – but, it is going to take a bunch.

  2. PG

    The Celtic-patterned afghan is truly amazing. I imagine that takes quite a bit of time and concentration, neither one I seem to have. It will be beautiful.

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