Miss Munchkin arrived back home last night. Boy, was Penny glad to see her!

In just three weeks gone, Miss Munchkin seems all grown up. When she left, she was just beginning to talk in full sentences, but you could not always understand all the words. Now she is much clearer, although when she gets excited, the words begin to get garbled again. When she left, she was just beginning potty training. Now she appears to be almost totally potty trained. Grandma sure appreciates that!

It sounds like Miss Munchkin had a great time with Daddy. She came back with a whole suitcase full of new clothes and had to tell us piece by piece who had bought which shirt and which pants. I’m afraid she’s going to find it boring back here with Grandma, as it sounds like she was on the go all the time with Daddy.

It also sounds like Miss Munchkin was able to spend weekends with her Alabama Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Connor and Aunt Bri. I am sure we’ll be hearing more about all the fun she had over the next few days.

So far, things are still going swimmingly with my new computer. I have discovered one small bug, some sort of video issue with the games that came with Vista. Mahjongg is an experience, as some of the pieces appear pixilated and you can see two tiles in the same place, depending upon whether the cursor is hovering over the piece or not. It makes for interesting playing! But I have not noticed any video issues in any other areas, so it may be just an issue with Vista games.

I still have a few guppies left, but hopefully they will be leaving today. And then I will have to decide what fish to add back to the tank, after I spend some time rearranging and cleaning it a bit. I need fish that will get along with Mr. Algae Eater. And preferably something that won’t propagate as rapidly as the guppies! Any suggestions?