The guppies are disappearing by groups and batches almost daily. If you add them all up, I believe the total comes to somewhere around 100 that I have given away. One last bunch will go tomorrow, approximately 15 or so, and then all that will be left are the little babies that are too small to catch. With any luck I will be able to find someone to take those when they get a bit bigger. And then I will be ready to begin anew with some other breed of fish!

Counting down …

The days until Miss Munchkin comes back home. Actually this will be my last day of quiet and solitude, as tomorrow is Veteran’s Day and the other inhabitants of the house have no school or no work. So I am enjoying today, trying to mark off more on the “get done before Fiona comes home” list, which somehow keeps magically regenerating itself. As quickly as I mark something done, I think of something else that should be added. Oh well. At least I have accomplished quite a bit the past three weeks, although I have not done nearly the website work that I had planned. Somehow other things seemed more pressing. Maybe it is because I have figured out that I really can work on the website while she is here!

Counting up …

The reasons I like, no, take that back, the reasons I love my new computer!

  1. I can listen to Pandora! Ah, the Partidge Family and The Monkees never sounded so good!
  2. I can watch videos!
  3. I can list items on E-bay all day long and not have to reboot every half hour.
  4. I can open an email so quickly that I no longer have time to go get a drink of water.
  5. I can leave mIRC on all the time so I can see if someone pops into the Homeschool Chat room.
  6. I can now print in color, since the new computer was not compatible with the old scanner, so now I have a new scanner/color printer.
  7. I can play Wordscraper on Facebook and have the game board appear almost instantaneously.
  8. I can visit and without having my computer freeze up.
  9. I can visit my children’s MySpace pages without my computer freezing up.

Best of all, so far, any way, is that I have not lost any data or programs in the move from old to new! Hurray!