Guppy, Guppy, Who Wants a Guppy?

Anyone want a guppy? I have been giving them away all week to Freecycle members. Yesterday I gave away forty. Eight more went this morning and ten more are slated to be picked up later this afternoon. I think that is a little better than half. Luckily, more people want some, so I am going down the list. With any luck, I’ll have given away all of them and can start again with new fish. Or possible just empty the tank out and put it in storage. That would save some on the electric bill!

If you want a guppy, speak quick before they are gone!


  1. pgudgell

    How on earth did you end up with so many guppies? I obviously know nothing about guppies.

  2. Colleen

    Well, you start out with two, one male, one female … surely you know how that works, living on a farm and all?!

    Honestly, I began with about five guppies a few years ago. Six months ago I gave away maybe twenty or so. They just multiply like crazy. I am trying to clean the tank out, but I’ll have to do it in stages, since there are so many tiny baby guppies that are almost impossible to catch. I’ll have to wait until they get bigger and hope I remove them before they give birth!

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