Brrr! Boy, is it cold outside this morning. Penny (the dog) thought it was nice weather for a romp, but this gal doesn’t romp when the temperature is in the thirties and there’s a cold north wind blowing! I knew there would be a cold front blowing through from the way my legs were aching yesterday. That (the aching) doesn’t happen very often here in Florida, but often enough that I still know what it means!

It is cold enough this morning that I decided to cook up some oatmeal for breakfast instead of my usual yogurt, granola and fruit. I am not sure if yogurt will work in place of milk with the oatmeal, but I might try it. I usually use applesauce instead of milk, having become lactose intolerant over the three or four years. Mmm… that oatmeal sure smells good!

Miss Munchkin is still with her daddy and it is still blissfully quiet here. I am beginning to panic, though, as there is no way I am going to get everything done I wanted to do while she is gone. And then I decided that I had better do early voting, since I keep hearing stories from the locals about how long the voting lines can be during a regular Presidential election here in Tallahassee and I do not want to stand hours in line next Tuesday with Miss Munchkin in tow. Reports are that people are waiting in line here in Tallahassee several hours just for early voting, so I am not sure I should wait until the regular voting day.

My afghan project is coming along very nicely; I’m up to row 65. I will have to take another picture and post up here soon. I spent so many hours working on it over the weekend while watching football and racing that my eyes needed the rest yesterday. It is hard work having to refer to the pattern every few stitched and trying to refind your place each time you glance back at the pattern. The placeholder I have works well for keeping track of the line you are on, but not so well with your place on that line.

Oh, and I got my haircut last week! And I love it! It is much shorter, much less hair (she took a razor to it and then thinned it some), layered with bangs. I will try to get some pics up by the end of the week.

And now it’s time to eat that oatmeal and make a grocery list. Not that I want to go back out into that cold air, but we are out of milk, juice, eggs, yogurt, bread and I need some meat for supper. Sounds like the usual list we need each week.