Fall is definitely in the air. For the first time in five months (since the end of last April), I decided to wear long pants when I dressed to walk the dog this morning. The last two or three mornings I have noticed a definite change in the morning air. Even though the temp is still around 70 – 72 at 8 a.m. (the time I usually walk Penny), it has been cooler overnight and you can feel that lingering coolness. But also the breeze is out of the north rather than the south and the sun doesn’t feel quite as hot. All in all, it’s definitely that time of year where you have to change clothes two or three times a day in order to be comfortable. But I am ready for fall. I love the warmth of summer, but dragging around a toddler and all her paraphernalia when it is 95 degrees can be something of a test in patience.

If you are wondering about my prolonged absence from blogging, let’s just say I’ve been suffering from a serious case of life burnout. Things are improving. I am having more good days than bad days the last week or so, but it’s been a long August and September. I will be writing more about burnout on my LeapingFromTheBox Blog shortly, if you care to read about the gory details. Hopefully I am on my way back to blogging more regularly.

I have been keeping busy even though I wasn’t blogging:

  • I have listed and sold numerous items on my E-bay store and still have more items to go (both to list and sell).
  • I have updated my Alabama Church Schools section on my website.
  • I have been working at updating more Homeschool Elists and Support Groups pages, along with adding Amazon books to those pages. Check out how Utah looks! As my Amazon sales increase, I am further motivated to continue adding more books to my pages.
  • We’ve been fighting fleas here for the past few weeks. Bombs, sprays, vacuuming, and shampooing the carpets, upholstery, etc. have all been a part of the fight. I think we may be winning the war. I hope.

Remember Hurricane Fay? Well, we ended up with over 15 inches within 48 hours, which caused a lot of flooding locally. Dozens of streets and roads throughout the city and outlying counties were closed for many days, some over a week, due to flooding. A couple of sections of I-10 were closed down due to parts of the road washing away and sink holes. Our lovely Southwood Nature Trail where we walk Penny every evening was so flooded that it was almost two weeks before we could walk all the way around the lake.

This bridge at the upper end of the lake, near the playground

(as always, click on the individual picture if you wish to view it full size):

was totally covered with water from Hurricane Fay:

This is the opposite side of the bridge from the first picture. Notice the copper covers on the posts in the very center of the picture and the top of the garbage can on the other side of those posts? And those are kayaks in the second picture. With the possibility of snakes and floating masses of fire ants, I am not sure a kayak is where I would have wanted to be, but it was the only way to get around the lake at that time.